PYRITE PENDANT | NumerologyLogic




Known as “Fool’s Gold”, Pyrite is the stone that inspires those to be creative, disciplined, and in symmetry with our universe. It enhances and brings you a protective shield by grounding with the earth and drawing that energy into you like a dosage. You can actually start a fire with Pyrite by striking it against metal to create a spark (just in case lol). It’s physical healing gives fast results, focusing on viruses/diseases. Perfect for those in medical field, and caregivers to keep those less likely to catch a fever or infection. Being able to directly give Earth’s energy, Pyrite is great for insight & reflection, encouraging to overcome fears and take action. This stone works in particular with the Solar Plexus Chakra, the powerhouse of energy distribution, immune systems, and digestive systems. Keep a piece in your left pocket, around your neck, in your bra, or leave in your office for good luck!

Cleanse this stone as needed, smudge with our Palo Santo or Dragon Blood Sage!