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PINK OPAL RAW STONE - PERU | NumerologyLogic




This piece is directly from Peru! Pink Opal motivates freedom and independence to its owner. This stone is a MUST for Cancers, Libras, Pisces, and Scorpios! Representing the Heart Chakra, and the water element, It allows our hearts to flow and learn to love again. Pink Opal is called the “stone of revolution” because it lets us heal our inner wounds and help us let. It’s Pink, “ice cream sandwich look” (as I call it) lets us feel more peace and remove that extra stress and anxiety. I left this stone as natural as it gets, because of it’s beauty and easiness. It just feels good having this stone in your hand. Feels amazing in the bedroom, living area, and family room to help keep good vibes alive. Very good for sensitive people, that are in need to heal the scars they carry for so long. Also great to stop nightmares, keep along the bedside (not in your bed).

Cleanse this stone as needed, charge in sun or smudge with our Dragon Blood Sage!