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Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) - Peru

Palo Santo carries a soothing effect on the nervous and immune system for quick physical recovery. Smoke was used a long ago to relieve headaches, common cold, and flu. The highest concentration of D-limonene, making it a powerful antioxidant! Has an amazing aromatic scent of high frequency essential oil, giving us a connection with Divine Peace. Smudge yourself if needed, from top to bottom. Smudge your crystals, jewelry, antiques, pets, friends, and anything you feel needs to.

-Open your windows (a sunny day is ideal). Ensure you have a smudging bowl that is fireproof. Hold palo santo stick downward at a 45 Degree angle and light. Allow flame to quickly disperse on tip, rotating to light different areas. Lightly blow out or feather flame off, letting an ember form on the tip. Set intention to cleanse your space by removing negative stagnant energy, welcoming frequency that serves your purpose. Always thank the universe for allowing you to smudge, let go of what does not serve you to make room for abundance!

-Smudge your home from the rear most to the most front (main entry) with all windows open. Move sage around room from floor to ceiling, and corner to corner. Repeat in each room, gently blow on the ambers safely (without embers flying everywhere) to keep lit. Put out with light mist of water or snuff out in smudging bowl.

Burn in a well ventilated area. Keep away from animals & children. Do not leave unattended, flammable material

Palo Santo Benefits:
Eliminates negative energy
Creates a Tranquil space
Raises your vibration
Reduces stress
Reduces anxiety
Gives Mental Clarity

Every piece of Palo Santo is cut AFTER the tree has naturally fallen. We do NOT import from anyone that contributes to Illegal Logging!