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Grounding Stimulus Kit Without Tea


How to use your kit: First, turn on your tea light, sage your space (make sure you open your windows to let out negative energies), hold your crystal in your hands and meditate in silence or with soothing meditation music.

What’s Inside Your Kit

Meditation Instructions & Affirmations
Along with your kit you will receive a meditation guide to help you learn how to meditate. I am also adding affirmations to help you manifest your desires and raise your vibrations! This is sent via the EMAIL you provide within 48 hours of your purchase. That way you can print at your leisure.

Tiger’s Eye Crystal is symbolic with confidence, courage and good luck. Tiger’s Eye is a stone that helps you see who you really are when you feel a block in your life. Carry this stone (in your pocket or bra, ladies) and ask the universe to give you strength and vision during times of you feel stuck. Tiger's Eye healing properties can help change one’s mindset to a more positive view, which will help you gain a true understanding of yourself. Tiger's Eye is the best stone to keep around when you find yourself asking questions and trying new things. Is there something new hobby you'd like to try? A different resolution to a problem you haven’t tried yet? A part of you you haven’t showed the world yet? Working with the energy of Tiger's Eye properties will give you grounding and stimulation, that’s why this kit is called Grounding Stimulus.

Palo Santo: Eliminates negative energy, creating a calmer, tranquil space. Raises your vibration, reduces stress, anxiety, gives mental clarity. Burn with your windows open to release unwanted energy. Burn once a day.

Dragon Blood Sage! Adds power to your rituals, for healing, draws wisdom, drives away bad spirits/bad feelings/negativity, attracts love. It also protect you from any foreign airborne radicals due to its antioxidant contents. Burn with your windows open to release unwanted energy. Burn once a day, if desired.

White Tea Light Candle: To achieve peace and harmony - a symbol of purity and light. Great for spiritual cleansing and protection of the mind and body. Burn your candle 5 minutes before you start meditating, gently blow the candle out when done.