GARNET BRACELET | NumerologyLogic




Garnet is a crystal for passion, love, and grounding. When you have passion for something, there are times where you do not have the creative gift to bring it to fruition. Almost like a writer’s block, there is a creative block here. you know where you want the end result to be and how to start, you just need the push to get there. Garnet does not just help create, it protects and grounds you along the way. It’s properties will vibrate with yours when wearing to keep energy flowing and feel regenerated. the inspiration activating within will give you the love and grounded protection needed to move forward. Whether it’s self love, expression, or just abundance you seek, Garnet is a beautiful stone to work with on your journey.

Cleanse this stone often during first few months of use, it's going to absorb a great amount of new negative energy. Smudge with our Palo Santo or our Dragon Blood Sage!