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Black Tourmaline Crystal (Each) | NumerologyLogic



Black Tourmaline Crystal (Each)

These Crystals are sold by one!
Due to the fact that these crystals are natural, size and color does vary by lot.

Black Tourmaline is a stone that does it all. Do not let the dark look deceive you! it is a reflective stone, protecting you physically & vibrationally. It transforms dense energy into a lighter alignment for optimal vibrational results. Not only are your chakras protected, it blocks EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) as well! That includes protection from your phone, router, microwave, computer, tv, etc.

Black Tourmaline MUST be carried on your left side of your body, energies enter faster and stronger. Charge Frequently for best results. Leave in the sunlight every other day when possible. This stone absorbs a great amount of energy!!!

SIDEBAR: In order to be protected and for this crystal to be used at its best potential, personally I like to tape Black Tourmaline on the left side of my ribs. If this stone breaks, or disappears, I know that I was being protected and this crystal did its job. This is not a negative thing, stones are meant to protect us.

Cleanse this stone often during first few months of use, it's going to absorb a great amount of new negative energy. Charge in sun or smudge with our Dragon Blood Sage!